Those who are interested in losing weight and gaining strength may want to consider participating in CrossFit at home. Participating in CrossFit at home can be more convenient for those who work full-time and may not have the time to go to a CrossFit center for classes.

There are different types of plans that one can find online for completing CrossFit exercises from the comfort of ones home. One can check out the following tips for beginning ones CrossFit journey from his or her own home. Here are some tips that will help any person on the quest to lose some weight and gain incredible strength through CrossFit training.

Find a 30 Day Challenge

Those who are looking for a CrossFit at home plan should make sure that there is a plain clearly laid out. It is best to find a plan that spans over 30 days with pre-planned exercises. See our crossfit WOD list for the most popular exercises.

This way, one will be able to stick to the plan and will not have to constantly be researching new exercises to add to ones at-home plan. It will be possible for one to continuously complete the requirements of a 30 day plan without interruption. In addition, one may lose the motivation to continue to look up new exercises and make his or her own daily plans in the beginning. Because these exercises are so difficult, it is not unusual for people to feel very sore and weak.

One does not want to give up on herself in these beginning stages, so having a 30 day plan already laid out will encourage one to stay the course.

Types of Exercises Included in the Plan

Some of the common exercises that are included in an at home plan can also be found being taught in actual CrossFit courses. Push-ups, burpies and short circuit runs are some of the exercises that one can complete at home. A burpie is a type of exercise that involves dropping to the floor and supporting ones weight on ones arms in a push-up style.

Then, one jumps to his or her knees, jumps up, claps in the air and repeats the motion. It is very difficult to do a set of burpies, and one will gain tremendous strength from doing a set on a regular basis. To start out, one may only do a set of 10 burpies and try to work to doing 25 burpies in a row.